Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Theodore Olson: Obama's Enemies List

From the WJS opinion page:

David and Charles Koch have been the targets of a campaign of vituperation and assault, choreographed from the very top.

"Whoever may be the victim of such abuse of governmental authority, the press and public almost invariably unify with indignation against it. If a journalist, labor-union leader or community organizer on the left can be targeted today, an academic or business person on the right can be the target tomorrow. If we fail to stand up against oppression from one direction, we abdicate the moral authority to challenge it when it comes from another."

The comments posted to this article, I'm sure, will be heated. I think standing up for the freedom to express even the most unpopular ideas is very American indeed. Interesting that so many people shamelessly fail to do so in the case of the Koch brothers.

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