Thursday, February 2, 2012

JIM VANDEHEI: Why Obama Should Be Worried.

via Instapundit:

"JIM VANDEHEI: Why Obama Should Be Worried. His other problem is that the press will bend over backwards — or just plain bend over — in order to save his presidency, but if it looks like he’s going down they’ll turn on him and try to prove their objectivity by reporting all the bad stuff they’ve been soft-pedaling to date."

I thought this was interesting:

"Let’s rewind six months for a moment. Back then, Obama advisers talked privately of their decisive fundraising advantage for the general election, how the combination of the reelection campaign, the DNC and a web of outside groups set up by Obama intimates would together raise north of $750 million and possibly $1 billion to bury the GOP.

This could still happen. But Obama fundraising has not been as strong as many Democrats had hoped or anticipated. More troubling for Democrats, there are signs that Republicans, especially if front-runner Mitt Romney wins, could match the most prolific fundraiser in the history of presidential politics, thanks to rich businessmen and their handy-dandy super PACs.

Look at the latest numbers: Romney, the RNC and the super PAC run by his allies have raised a total of $175.7 million during 2011; Obama, the DNC and the super PAC run by his allies have raised $209.3 million. As far as cash on hand, Obama enjoys an edge but not a decisive one: $96 million to $63.5 million."

What? A false narrative? I thought that only Republicans were "stealing" elections with all their evil corporate money ... Turns out Obama has more money than anyone, at least for now.

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