Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Chris Christie Doesn't Regret Calling Law Student an Idiot

via ABA Journal

"Damn, man, I'm governor. Can you just shut up for a minute?"

I remember an event that took place during my first year of law school. I had been working for a few years after undergrad before going back to school, but many of my classmates had gone straight through and really didn't have a good sense of the "real world" outside of school. At this particular event, one of these classmates asked a question of a distinguished panel (former U.S. ambassador, law professors, dean of the law school) that said, to paraphrase, "why are you lying to us and saying such stupid things?" The question was directed to the former ambassador and stemmed from a political disagreement. I happened to agree with the ambassador's assessment, so I wasn't too impressed by the student's question to begin with, but I was really appalled by the lack of respect shown to the panel. The student displayed both arrogance and ignorance--she had quite obviously never held a real job or had to support herself in the real world, much less make decisions that would affect the lives of others. I wanted to apologize to the panel on behalf of the other students, but I didn't. I figured, correctly, as it turned out, that the student would not be regarded highly by the rest of the student body and that I didn't need to point out her flaws to everyone.

What is surprising is that the law student in the above story does have some life experience. Real, impressive life experience. Especially for someone with a military background, his refusal to adhere to the rules of the town hall meeting and his lack of respect for the governor are pretty surprising. I think Christie was right about what would happen if the guy acted this way in court. I'd love to see him try to shout down a federal judge.


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